Working in Breton

A major group composed of unique talents

Breton believes in individuality as a means to combat unthinking uniformity.
In a climate of openness and sharing, the individual’s uniqueness and the power of each idea are the ingredients needed to achieve important, valuable goals together.

Your career in Breton

Everyone who joins the company becomes an integral part of the group.
You will be working alongside professionals and experts in various fields on innovative high-tech products.
You will have the opportunity to express your ideas and develop your potential and creativity in a dynamic and constantly evolving setting.

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The focus of the Breton workplace is to develop the aptitude and talent of each individual in a dynamic and international setting.
The company's sites are equipped with all the latest technology and modern workspaces designed to promote teamworking.

Case histories of Breton's people

Accounts from people who have joined this family and achieved professional and personal goals; accounts from people whose lives are intertwined with the company day by day and who have managed to accomplish surprising results.

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