Breton Institute of Technology, where innovation is born

The Breton Institute of Technology – BIT – is the department responsible for exploring and creating new technologies: the natural expression of Breton’s DNA and pioneering spirit.


Anticipating the future

Since the early 70s, dedicated research teams have been working in the BIT to develop and industrialise new materials and sustainable technologies applicable to various industrial sectors.
Depending on the area of research, the BIT liaises with universities and research institutes on the national and international level.

Tenders & Projects

New materials and production technologies

BIT's creative process is geared towards developing new materials and production technologies to be industrialised in synergy with the design expertise of Breton's mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering departments.

Discover the latest materials and technologies

From a simple laboratory to a research centre

The company has been investing in innovation since the 1970s by means of a laboratory that has gradually evolved into a modern and articulated research centre that lies at the heart of the development of high-technology solutions.

Electrochemical division

Partnerships & Collaborations

There are more than 50 scientific partnerships entered into every year with the top universities and Breton has ongoing projects with more than 10 technical institutes in Italy.

BIT has several ongoing collaboration projects – in particular via the Electrochemical Division – with the University of Padua and other research institutes, namely CEA Grenoble in France and Imperial College London.

There are several projects cofinanced by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MISE), thus confirming the level of recognition of Breton's innovative thinking.

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