Breton Kappa MM

Moving bridge slab polishing machine

High productivity slab polishing machine for calcareous materials
The honing-polishing units are in aluminium alloy to limit weight and maximise stiffness.

Breton Kappa MM

Reasons why

Excellence in the polishing process

A powerful set-up for great performance on all materials

Low centre of mass structure, powerful spindle drives and generously sized transmission, bridge drive with brushless for high dynamic swing movements. All this and far more besides makes Kappa MM the ideal solution for companies seeking high productivity when working with difficult and precious calcareous materials.

The exclusive and patented Tango solution is particularly suitable for reducing dull areas both on polished and honed material, making an appreciable contribution to raising line speed.



Compatible plate on Kappa MM

1 - 1

HD-10 Plate

1 - 1

Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Kappa MM

Version comparative table
Kappa MM / 6 Kappa MM / 10 Kappa MM / 14 Kappa MM / 18