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18 September 2023

Arlington Marble: inspiring. beautiful. creations.

Customer stories portrays excellent national and international companies that have established long-term synergies with Breton to grow their business.

The company featured in this Customer Story is a family owned and operated business since 1971:

Arlington Marble (Fort Worth, Texas).

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Mr. Philip Shoults, Owner of Arlington Marble, tell us about the company

Mr. Shoults sits down with us to talk business plans and execution of growth, software and technology and choosing the bet solution based in their needs.

Innovation since 1971

Arlington Marble was started by Mr. Shoults' father-in-law, Gene Johnson, a pioneer in the industry at the time.

In the past few years it became evident that in order to keep up with the demand

Arlington Marble needed to begin to grow and make changes to their business.

Expansion and Growth

Plans and goals for expansion and growth.

Mr. Shoults discusses the need to automate in order to keep up with the demand of the the market.

It became taxing on them from a labor standpoint and Mr. Shoults

began his research into many companies.

Mr. Shoults says "Breton came in and really took the time to understand our needs and where we currently

and where our plans were to grow."

Software and Technology

New software and technology.

This can be a daunting thing when a no-one in a shop has any CAD experience.

Mr. Shoults discusseds the learning curve with Breton Software and their company going fully digital.

He states "They have a technological platform that allows a shop like ours to take the template work that is done out in the field,

digitize that in the simplest form possible without adding resources that are just dedicated to CAD and make it the simplest, seamless

transition that I could have ever hoped for."

First Forte Flash in North America

A new machine.

Mr. Shoults and his company always want the best for their customers.

When expanding on their machinery, Breton's Forte Flash was the perfect fit.

With measurable improvements in speed, productivity and cost, after four months of having this machine in their shop in addition to the Genya

Mr. Shoults states "an average job went from $14 - $17 a square foot and today they are well under $5 a square foot."

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