Breton Winger

3 and 4 axis high output monobloc contouring centre

Its structural robustness and exceptional mechanical and electronic reliability mean the machine is ideal for drilling, shaping and contouring in applications such as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, and furnishing accessories.

Breton Winger

Reasons why

The robustness and repeatability that was lacking

The basic models

The basic versions of all Breton Winger models, Compact (K20), Wide (K26) and Extreme (K40), feature a muscular 15 kW 12,000 rpm spindle that offers all the power and torque needed to perform the required operations effortlessly, even with very small diameter tools.

One major benefit is gained by opting for the Metalquartz work table, which offers exceptional stability and is not subject to corrosion, unlike conventional steel work tables. Grinding is easy in the extreme, thanks to the composition of the table in a special quartz based composite so the process can be performed using the same tools used by the machine for normal production operations.

High output versions

Winger is also available in high output versions, designed to increase the quantity of parts produced.

Winger Indy is equipped with a dual rotary work table that makes it possible to load/unload the workpieces while machining proceeds, thereby reducing idle times.

Winger Flux, on the other hand, is characterised by its workpiece feeding and clamping system. In this system, the workpieces are moved on a conveyor belt and clamped for machining by means of pneumatic grippers instead of the classic vacuum pods. The machine operates fully independently; workpieces can be changed in less than a minute and sink cutout unloading, if necessary, is performed without interrupting the work cycle.


Mineral surface

The basic models available

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Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Winger

Version comparative table
Winger K20 Winger K26 Winger K40 Winger Indy Winger Flux