Breton Vertika

Semi-automatic vertical slab storage system

The new modular vertical storage system for marble, granite, mineral surface and ceramic slabs.
Exploiting the innovative opening system, the system allows storage of a large number of slabs in a small space. Creating space, increasing storing capacity, diversifying the range of managed articles and making material easily accessible has never been so easy.

Breton Vertika

Reasons why

The smart solution for storing slabs in less space

Flexible and modular

Breton Vertika features two types of solution: the first is simpler and self-installing, the second is modular and able to adapt to the actual space at the disposal of the client.
This type of semi-automatic slab storage system is designed to maximise the number of slabs stored in the smallest available space. This is possible thanks to mobility of the elements and the presence of a single corridor created next to the selected element.
Each element in the store is equipped with a foot operated crank arm to release the adjacent element; this allows the creation of a corridor that allows loading/unloading operations to be conducted in complete safety.
Vertika is protected by light curtains at the sides while the two ends are equipped with safety barriers to delimit the area.


Mineral surface

Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Vertika

Version comparative table
Vertika single storage system / 275 Vertika linear storage system / 528 Vertika linear storage system / 781