Breton Shapemill

NC machining centre with 5 interpolating axes, for cutting and shaping workpieces

Shapemill is the machining centre designed for companies operating with very large workpieces and, especially, for machining of tough materials that require high power and torque. This machine is distinguished by its ability to combine milling and turning in a single set-up, exploiting the potential of the turning table and the automatic heads store to automatically switch from the powerful milling head to the boring bar head during the machining process.
It's a multifunction 5 axis machining centre for cutting, shaping, block slotting, turning and milling, making of statues and columns.

Breton Shapemill

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The Shapemill range is primarily available in 2 versions: 1600 and 2000.
With Z axis strokes up to 1,500 mm, cross strokes up to 4,000 mm and longitudinal strokes up to 30,000 mm, Shapemill is the machining centre for tough materials with the highest operating volume in the Breton range.

Thanks to the various compatible tool stores, automatic tool or cutting disc changes allow the machining centre to operate in unmanned mode.
Both versions can be equipped with a cutting disc up to 1000 mm in diameter.
The possibility of adding the tool store, in the “straight” and “circular” available versions, results in high capacity for machining with milling cutters and grinding wheels for shaping.

Each aspect of Shapemill is designed to produce top results. The structure has been optimised using FEM (Finite Element Method) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect analysis) techniques in order to achieve the best compromise of stiffness, versatility, and function. Shapemill also stands out for its reliability. All mechanical and electronic components are top quality, while assembly operations are carried out by Breton's expert technicians, all factors that guarantee long product life and reduced maintenance.


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