Making the difference: technology and inventions to enhance the performance of Breton products.

Breton develops machines of high technological value to assure elevated productivity and quality levels for customers. In addition to the standard technologies built into each product, ancillary solutions are frequently developed to enhance performance of machines and machining centres, making it possible to simplify work processes that are otherwise difficult or inefficient. This approach provides access to even higher levels of quality and precision.

Designed specifically for the aerospace sector, Accuthick makes it possible to process components achieving the best possible compromise between low weight and the necessary structural strength for the sector.

Detection system
Breton Accuthick

Tango is patented technology based on a spindles oscillation system for stone slab polishing machines.

Polisher system
Breton Tango

The vacuum pods used to clamp workpieces during machining processes do not require flying flexible hoses because they interface with a special table equipped with smart valves that are controlled in accordance with the machine cycle.

Handling system
Breton Robocup

Designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Accusink allows countersink operations to be performed in compliance with design tolerances and with adaptive control.

Countersinking system
Breton Accusink

Exposure of a section of the machine or the entire machine to thermal shock can greatly impair its performance. Breton devised the patented Thermal Shield system, which makes it possible to protect machine structures from sudden temperature changes or gradients due to ambient temperature changes.

Thermal shielding system
Breton Thermal Shield