Breton Sphera

The software suite for bridge saws

Conceived and developed for advanced and intuitive management of slab transformation into a finished product, Breton Sphera is the proprietary software suite for numerically controlled bridge saws.

Breton Sphera

Reasons why

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Each process has a dedicated software environment, and each control is designed to be intuitive

The operator is always guided when programming cuts: the software proposes exclusively “logically possible” operations at each step; a sort of “tutor” that makes it possible to save hours of work by avoiding errors and oversights.

Also, the slabs in the system can be easily selected and identified because, unlike standard commercial applications, the system has a preview function: scrolling rapidly through the database means you can easily find what you wish to cut.



Available modules

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Basic modules

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Evolved functions that can be used by anyone

The intuitive software interface facilitates the procedure, even for less expert users

Breton Sphera provides highly evolved apps and functions capable of reducing programming times even in ultramodern fabshops.

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Breton Sphera, the software suite for bridge saws