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20 June 2021

Marmo Arredo: History of a successful company

A short history

The beginnings

Towards the end of the 1970s, Luigi Scapin, with his three sons Vincenzo, Gianni and Romeo, built the first factory specialising in handcrafted stone processing for the building trade. Thus Scamar -Scapin Marmi was born.

During the first few years of activity, the boost from the building sector made the company grow, and never satiated with bringing innovation, it first became interested in proposing stone to the furnishing sector, noticing a gap in the market and enormous potential.

The initial step was to take processing to ever higher levels of precision, thanks to the adaptation of existing machinery and the acquisition of the first numerically controlled machines developed for the stone sector.

The second was to change the company name with a 'naming' that gave confidence: Marmo Arredo, the stones for furniture. Success was immediate and the percentage of turnover brought in by this new branch of the company increasingly important; the successful craftsman's workshop was becoming an industry.

Parallel to the development of the production process, the search for new materials also evolved. Marmo Arredo found in quartz agglomerate the material to focus on for interior decoration, was the first to believe in it, transformed it and brought it to Italy and the world.

Thanks to technological development and the introduction of new materials, the company expanded rapidly, researched the most advanced machinery and set up the first automated loading and cutting processes.
Machining systems were perfected, achieving millimetres of precision and machine times were attacked, but the love for one's work and craftsmanship were always safeguarded in the finishing processes, which are still carried out manually by specialised technicians.

With the new millennium and the accumulated experience, the company set itself a new challenge: the automation of the entire production process, from the arrival of the raw material to the semi-finished product.

In 2006, a futuristic new plant was inaugurated: an automatic Breton warehouse with two processing lines in continuity. A world-first plant for the serial production of, in particular, continuously evolving kitchen worktops, which is the real beating heart of the company's production capacity.

In the same period, thanks to the explosion of requests for thick tops, Eulithe was founded, a company producing polyurethane foam of different densities.

The company's objective is to cover the need for an anti-absorbent and antibacterial material to be used as a structure for lightweight tops. This new patented formulation, Eulithe does not produce dust but chips in its processing preserving the machinery, succeeded over time in being successful and creating its own alternative market; the brand, after five years of start-up, became an independent and autonomous company name in 2008.

The arrival of the crisis at the end of 2000 marginally shook the company, which, thanks to past investments, found itself solid and united to face the difficulties of the moment; indeed, it relaunched by managing to acquire Quartzforms, a quartz agglomerate production plant located in Magdeburg, Germany, in 2010.
Control of the entire production process and its quality became a reality, from raw material to product.

One of the key aspects and main advantages of working with Breton is the exceptional level of after-sales service, which offers a rapid response in emergencies and is manned by highly skilled and helpful technicians.

Marmo arredo

The Breton machines

With these machines and technologies, Breton contributes daily to the success of its customer Marble Furniture

The successful growth that shaped today's company

Marmo Arredo processes natural stone, marble, granite and Engineered Stone for construction and furniture.

The company's core business is kitchen tops, other company sectors deal with: bathroom tops, table tops and furnishing accessories, floor and wall tiles, bathtubs, solids, sculptures. The company is now present on the market in an increasingly effective and efficient manner and its vocation for research is constantly demonstrated by developing new patents and cutting-edge technologies.

is a manufacturer of quartz agglomerate slabs (Engineered Stone).
produces expanded polyurethanes of different densities, packaged in blocks or in sandwich panels with other materials.

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