Breton Genesi

3D printer for large-scale additive manufacturing by extrusion of thermoplastic materials

Genesi is Breton's product range dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Starting from the analysis of extrusion processes, Breton has developed a wide range of machining centres to exploit the potential of 'Large Additive Manufacturing' on thermoplastic materials.

Breton Genesi

Reasons why

The giant 3D printer with artificial intelligence

"Giant" sizes

Breton Genesi is Breton's solution for additive printing of large thermoplastic materials.

This solution combines Breton's consolidated experience on vertical machining centres and the best extrusion technologies currently available on the market.

"Pure Additive" or hybrid

Breton Genesi is available in a "Pure Additive" version or in a hybrid version, i.e. with the additional possibility of carrying out milling process.

Stroke configuration

This machining centre can be configured on strokes requested by the customer by combining modular elements, or in pre-assembled versions with pre-determined strokes.

Only 5-day installation time

The pre-assembled variant distinguishes itself by only 5-day installation time.

Extrusion system integrated in Breton's predictive control logic

Breton Genesi, in all its versions, is equipped with an extrusion system integrated in Breton's predictive control logic: this allows the operator to benefit from a system of control and automatic program modification that guarantees a significant increase in output quality.



Available versions and models

1 - 2

Models Genesi E2

1 - 3