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19 April 2023

Nanà armchair, a design revolution

The new futuristic Nanà armchair, made entirely from Breton Genesi, was officially presented at the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan

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    Chateau d'Ax has launched the new and futuristic Nanà armchair at the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan.

    Chateau d'Ax found all the necessary know-how in the innovative Breton Genesi system, which combines artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as integrating subtractive and additive systems, thus evolving 3D printing.

    This innovation is consistent with our corporate philosophy of continuous research and exploration, which for 75 years has guaranteed our consumers innovative products of timeless design. The collaboration between our companies comes from the common desire to contribute to sustainable growth for the future of the environment and the next generations

    Alessandro Colombo, General Director Chateau d’Ax

    Extreme freedom in design

    Conceived for both indoor and outdoor use, the Nanà armchair designed by STUDIO RED has been created using an additive printing system that allows shortening the time required to make the prototype with maximum freedom of design as well as producing unique pieces with very high aesthetic and structural qualities with great attention to sustainability and circularity.

    Efficiency, sustainability and accuracy

    This system minimises consumption by taking the production process to the highest degrees of efficiency, sustainability, and precision.

    Appropriately prepared recycled material has been used in its production and at the end of its life the chair can be reused for new prints.

    Large-scale 3D printing makes it possible to produce prototypes of objects or true customised objects such as the Nanà armchair by Chateau d'Ax quickly and without costly initial investment. In certain fields, the advantage in terms of time and cost is already evident, just think of sectors such as aerospace, automotive or the nautical industry. Others, however, are still to be explored and need innovative companies willing to get involved, just as Chateau d'Ax has done.

    Gabriele Corletto, Business Development Manager Breton

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