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Breton - a pioneer in the development of advanced technologies and materials - is an international group specialized in the design and production of state-of-the-art industrial machinery and plants.


Breton Company profile

Philosophy constantly focused on research

Founded in 1963 by cav. Marcello Toncelli, Breton has the drive to seek out and develop new technologies and advanced materials encoded within its DNA.

The company of today is a multi-sector industrial group specialised in designing and building machines and plants for:

- Processing natural stone and ceramic materials
- Fabricating and processing mineral surfaces
- Machining metals, carbon fibre and plastics
- Thermosetting polymer based large scale additive manufacturing

Breton is a global operator present in more than 100 countries worldwide and with a workforce of approximately 1000. Over its years of operation, Breton has registered more than 1700 patents.

The founder

Marcello Toncelli

A native of Piombino (Leghorn), Breton's founder Marcello Toncelli relocated to Veneto after WWII. He was a man of vision, genius, and intuition.
He was also a hard worker and extremely resolute in pursuing his revolutionary ideas in the industry. He innovated processes and products, contributing to the introduction of industrial machining processes in the natural and mineral surface sector.

Discover Breton's history

Breton's dynamism – source of inspiration for a constantly evolving group

Breton in numbers

Breton is a family owned Italian company with headquarters in Castello di Godego (Treviso), a further two production plants in Campiglia dei Berici and Vedelago, and six foreign branches.
Breton has become a global organisation, a technological leader in all its areas of expertise, including machine tools for metals, carbon fibre and plastics, and additive manufacturing plants.
Breton is also the world's largest company operating in the production of machines and plants for processing natural stone, and for fabricating and processing mineral surface.


To transform pioneering ideas into cutting-edge solutions, promoting sustainable growth and driving progress through continuous innovation.

Innovation as a mission


This teaching inspires the culture of innovation rooted in Breton, a company that shares an open mentality, oriented towards exploration of new horizons and the search for practical solutions to real problems.

Developing advanced technological systems to empower people and companies to shape materials, processes and performance.

Breton today

Breton S.p.A., with headquarters in Italy in Treviso (Castello di Godego), and a further two production plants (Campiglia dei Berici and Vedelago), six foreign branches and nearly a thousand employees, has risen to a position of dominance on the world market thanks to its consistently research-oriented philosophy.

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