15 May 2023

Kreos Plus: the future of mineral surfaces

Breton unveils its new technology to change the mineral surface manufacturing paradigm under the banner of safety and sustainability.

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Silicosis: a serious issue

Prolonged inhalation of unsafe levels of silica dust can result in silicosis, a chronic lung disease that may cause breathing difficulties, Progressive Massive Fibrosis (PMF), or even lung cancer.

To address these safety concerns, it is essential to switch the paradigm through a next-generation technology for the production of mineral surface.

Our ready-to-use solution

Kreos® Plus represents the technical solution for manufacturing low-silica (less than 40% by weight), double-layered mineral surface slabs.

The result of the process is a final product with:

  • A thin upper layer that incorporates cristobalite, quartz, or Biorite® aggregates to achieve the required aesthetic
    and technical features; and
  • A thicker lower layer, manufactured using a special combination of stone aggregates.

If we were to use Biorite® aggregates in the thin upper layer, the result would be a “100% crystalline silica-free” product!

Safety and trendiness

Kreos® Plus is fully integrable with another state-of-the-art system: Chromia®.

Chromia® redefines innovation by offering boundless high-definition designs while preserving all mineral surface distinctive attributes and characteristics over time.

Furthermore, the combination between Kreos® Plus and Chromia® enables the production of full-body digital printed designs!

Key features

Discover why Kreos Plus is the future of mineral surface manufacturing