Ion Breton

Plants for resin treatment and renovation of stone slabs and strips

IonBreton renovation systems are the result of the technological and production merger between Breton and Ion Machines, ensuring a state-of-the-art and cost-effective product.

Ion Breton

Reasons why

IonBreton: the beginning of a new era

Reinforcement systems for natural stone slabs

A deep understanding of marble, combined with a profound knowledge of the specific needs of the professionals who process it.
That is the fundamental common point between Ion Machines and Breton.

Breton has entered into a partnership with the Turkish company Ion Machines, a well-established manufacturer of stone processing plants, to produce resin plants for marble and granite slabs.
The objective of this new company is one and the same: to manufacture technologically advanced plants with the best return on investment, at advantageous prices for the customer.

The synergy between the technological and construction know-how of Breton and that of Ion Machines ensures a state-of-the-art product, both for 'entry-level' solutions and for highly automated, high-productivity plants.
From cyclic oven towers, to multiple resin lines, to innovative robotic loading/unloading systems and much more.

Compared to the many alternatives on the market, IonBreton solutions have features that make them significantly better performing, more energy efficient, and with low operating and maintenance costs.



Technological highlights