Breton Kappa G

Continuous polishing machine for granite slabs

Thanks to its robustness, the highly dynamic nature of beam movements with the possibility of variable ramps, the special configuration of the self-hardening lightweight alloy spindles and a series of operating heads that is unique in the sector, Breton Kappa G is the best investment choice for companies seeking high production output and superior quality levels.

Breton Kappa G

Reasons why

Guarantee of high production rates with top quality

Every detail must be perfect for performance that makes the difference

The design, production, and testing process is standardised to ensure that each product, although customised, follows a predetermined flow that is refined through time. Starting from supplies, sourced exclusively from suppliers certified for their quality and reliability, each step in the production process is checked by a team of expert engineers who monitor every tiny detail, up to installation and commissioning on the customer's site. Any discrepancies are resolved at source.

Every detail of the machine or plant is evaluated in terms of performance, durability, and reliability in the harsh conditions typical of the stoneworking industry, because we understand that high performance is not exclusively due to the peak performance that can be achieved by a system, but also to the zero or near zero shutdowns due to maintenance or breakages. A rapid servicing procedure that, wherever possible, does not require machine stoppages, is studied and defined for each designed component.



Heads compatible with Breton Kappa G

1 - 4

Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Kappa G

Version comparative table
Kappa G / 019 Kappa G / 10+10