Breton Jot

Numerically controlled stone slabs handling robot

Handling robot for loading, unloading, traversing, and flipping products in sheet form. The very low cycle time and smoothness of movements are factors that make the robot suitable for highly automated plants that also process fragile and precious materials.

Breton Jot

Reasons why

Book match and block recomposition operating modes

The Breton Jot robot is used for a variety of tasks on highly automated high productivity production lines

Jot was created to manage work processes on natural stone with management of both book match, meaning loading/unloading of slabs placed alternately with the exposed face upward and downward, and by block recomposition, meaning when working with semi-finished slabs that must be placed precisely in their original position at the end of the production process. This system is possible thanks to the accessories of the rake roller conveyors and turntables mounted beneath them.


Mineral surface

Technological highlights