Breton Genya

5-axis monobloc disc-type cutting centre

The possibility of having cutting disc, core drill bit and Rocket Tool with end cutters always ready for use, combined with elements such as spindle vacuum cups, bridge camera and tilting table make Genya the best machine for the creation of kitchen worktops, vanity tops and claddings.

Breton Genya

Reasons why

The fastest way to make kitchen countertops

Speed without compromise

A complete cutting centre that offers up to three different installed tools, ready for use for the entire period of the work process. In this context, the machine can be fitted with a disc of up to 600 mm in diameter, a core drill bit or cutter on the spindle axis and, with the Rocket Tool option, a Finger Bit, used mainly for cutting inside corners.

The tilting table, spindle vacuum cups, bridge camera, and touch probe make operations of loading/unloading, set up and handling of cut pieces far faster and safer, avoiding material wastage and idle times. All this affects productivity, so Genya makes it possible to finish more parts in the same time, thus increasing profits.

Another core characteristic of Genya is reliability. All mechanical and electronic components are top quality, while assembly operations are carried out by Breton's expert technicians, all factors that guarantee long product life with a greatly reduced number of problems.


Resin-based engineered stone
Cement-based engineered stone

Technological highlights

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