Breton Evonix

Multiple cutting machine with rotary bridge and ultralight alloy spindles

Multiple cutting machine of the latest generation with rotary bridge and ultralight alloy spindles.
Breton Evonix can make right-angle and oblique inclined cuts, plus classic vertical and horizontal cuts.
The perfect union of original technology for the sector, high performance, and ease of use.
Breton Evonix is the ideal solution for wall coverings, floor coverings, and kitchen worktops. Evonix's versatility is due to its patented technology and generous working capabilities.

Breton Evonix

Reasons why

Revolutionary in every detail

Endless cutting possibilities

Evonix is the multiple cutting machine of the latest generation, with rotary bridge and ultralight alloy spindles.
A revolutionary solution down to the last detail.
Unlike the other solutions on the market, Evonix stands out for its evolved design, compact dimensions (6,500x6,500x3,220cm), and the use of original technologies.

The rotary system makes it possible to locate the spindles at any point of the bridge: this allows the machine to make right-angle, oblique, vertical, and horizontal cuts.
Thanks to these features, Evonix can square a slab in just two steps.
Also, the use of linear motors and torque motors guarantees rapid spindle travel and a series of valuable benefits in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and safety.
Combining stiffness and low weight, the standard ultralight spindles allow high performance and fast speeds in positioning and cutting.
A patented solution (patent pending), integrable with manual or robotic unloading systems.

The Matik version is equipped with special vacuum cups on the spindle front. This allows slabs and large workpieces to be handled with a reduced degree of flexure.


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