Crystalline silica-free aggregate manufacturing plant

Produce a crystalline silica-free, industrial raw material that replaces quartz in slab manufacturing without compromises in terms of aesthetic and technical features.


Technical specifications

Anything you need to know regarding Bioquartz manufacturing plant

Breton provides customers with all the machinery, knowledge, and assistance necessary to successfully and promptly start the production and supply of a game-changing raw material that revolutionizes the production of quartz slabs from a green perspective.

Slabs obtained through vacuum vibrocompression, using synthetic aggregates with amorphous structure, are a patented solution by Breton.

Supply package

  • Engineering, installation, and assistance
  • Full machinery and software
  • Know-how transfer
  • Silica-free slab manufacturing license

Silica-free slabs without compromises

The use of Breton Bioquartz® in industrial slab production grants total safety for operators and ensures products with the same technical and aesthetic features as quartz.