Breton Kappa K

Lapping machine for ceramic surfaces

Lapping machine with 6-shoe brushing heads for porcelain stoneware slabs and tiles.
The robust structure derived from experience gained in the natural stone sector, the lower maintenance costs, and the facility for Tango movement of the heads make Breton Kappa K the ideal machine for lapping ceramic surfaces.

Breton Kappa K

Reasons why

A unique machine in the ceramics industry universe

High level of reliability and versatility

Lapping machine for lapping or polishing ceramic tiles and slabs by means of the superficial abrasive action imparted by brushing heads.
The robust load bearing structure specifically designed for this type of application, combined with the many settings that can be selected directly from the touch-screen, make Breton Kappa K a highly versatile and reliable machine, able to deliver top results in all conditions.
Breton Kappa K is equipped with 6-shoe brushing heads and available in the single or double independent swinging beam versions, with settable swing speed and acceleration.
Finally, the possibility of optimising the satellite head paths with the Tango movement makes the machine unique in the ceramics industry universe.



Technological highlights