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07 June 2024

X Shore and the Revolution of Sustainable Electric Boats

Thanks to Breton's advanced technology, the Swedish company X Shore is able to produce high-precision and high-quality components essential for developing electric boats that aim to revolutionize the nautical sector.

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Agile, Sustainable, and Consistently High-Quality Machining

X Shore was seeking technological solutions to optimize its production processes for electric boats, particularly milling, turning, and drilling.

Thanks to Breton's advanced technology, X Shore can produce high-precision and high-quality components, maintaining high standards over time, reducing production times, and thus improving overall production efficiency.

The Adopted Breton Machining Centers

X Shore has adopted advanced machining centers developed by Breton, offering versatility in milling, turning, and drilling operations, even for large dimensions.

These cutting-edge technologies allow for the machining of composite materials and metals with constant micrometric precision over time.

Moreover, Breton's technology is supported by advanced automation systems and intelligent software, ensuring support to achieve maximum efficiency and quality in the production of X Shore's revolutionary electric boats.

X Shore Industries AB

Founded with the mission to revolutionize the nautical industry, the Swedish company X Shore Industries AB designs and produces electric boats that combine high performance and environmental respect.

Recently, X Shore was named "EU Blue Champion" by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank: this prestigious recognition highlights its commitment to revolutionizing the nautical industry through sustainability.

X Shore has recently launched the EELEX 8000, an electric boat that has received widespread acclaim for its innovative design and ecological performance.

The collaboration with Breton allows X Shore to maintain excellence in its production processes, ensuring that each boat meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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