Customer story
29 April 2024

Cereser choses Breton Tetrix technology

For over fifty years, Cereser has been a well-established company in the Italian marble industry.
Today, the company continues to stand out for its quality and workmanship of natural stone and it keeps relying on Breton's machines and technology.

Watch the video and discover Breton Tetrix at Cereser's premises

A new Breton machine has been installed at Cereser's production site, i.e. Breton Tetrix.

Breton Tetrix represents a real revolution in the world of polishing machines, which brings great advantages in terms of efficiency and increased productivity.

Cereser was established in 1965 by Gian Luigi Cereser in the province of Verona.

The company grew very quickly, and from a small company specialized in marble and stone works, it soon became an international company capable of quickly meeting the different demands for marble, granite, onyx and travertine.

In 2019, the new showroom was inaugurated and in the early months of 2020, the new production line was implemented with the first TANGO system by BRETON, specifically designed for CERESER.

All Slabs, All Sizes, All Together

Breton Tetrix is the polisher system for polishing and honing granite slabs of different widths without unloading the machine or slowing down the belt speed.

It adopts a hyper-hybrid system capable of polishing all slab edges flexibly and continuously, with no compromise between versatility, quality and time.

Discover all Breton Tetrix features in the video above.

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