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02 November 2023

Additive manufacturing, a sustainable future

Gabriele Corletto, Breton Business Development Manager, and Karsten Heuser, Vice President for 3D Manufacturing at Siemens, have been interviewed at EMO 2023 about Additive Manufacturing technology and the key role it could play in the future in making the planet more sustainable.

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Breton & Siemens

The long-standing collaboration with Siemens involves all Breton’s business and it consists in sharing ideas and think about the future together.

Breton was one of the first companies to trust Sinumerik One and Digital Twin.
As Gabriele explains, Sinumerik One is very flexible as it allows to customize product, while Digital Twin to test the technology before implementing it on the machine, something fundamental to Breton. Moreover, it’s a complete suite: Genesi is an ecosystem with hardware, software, post-processor which need a high level of customization and Siemens allows doing it very easily.

Genesi is not just a machine, it is an ecosystem including software, hardware and postprocessing solutions.

Gabriele Corletto, Breton Business Development Manager

Accelerate transformation for a sustainable tomorrow

EMO 2023 motto was "accelerate transformation for a sustainable tomorrow": this statement reflects Breton’s strategy and 3D printing is the evidence of this.

Recently, Breton Genesi has printed the mould of a boat for Northern Light Composites with recycled materials; therefore, 3D printing allows the same material to be used for printing over again. Genesi controls automatically the whole process and print without any defects, reducing waste and delivery times.

As Mr. Heuser says, to make circularity impactful "we need to recycle, reduce the amount of material, repair the part and reuse the material"; this is why Siemens chose to focus on additive manufacturing. With this vision, Breton and Siemens’ plans for the future are to teach how to use technology and spread knowledge among Customers to support them through their journey.

Circularity is about recycling, reducing the amount of material and repair instead of using new parts.

Karsten Heuser, Siemens Vice President for 3D Manufacturing

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