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07 June 2024

3D Printing and Shipbuilding: The Case of Northern Light Composites' Innovative Sustainable Hull

Northern Light Composites achieved the creation of an innovative eco-sustainable composite hull with the help of Breton Genesi, the 3D printer for large-scale production

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The Challenge

Northern Light Composites (NLComp) approached Breton to tackle a complex challenge: building the molds for the prototype of EcoFoiler, the world's first recyclable foiling hull.

The goal was to develop an innovative and sustainable hull using advanced thermoplastic materials while maintaining high standards of precision and quality.

The collaboration aimed to combine Breton's technological know-how in advanced manufacturing with the innovative recyclable material developed by NLComp.

Breton Genesi and Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

To meet the challenge, Breton deployed its large-scale additive manufacturing technology, Breton Genesi.

Breton Genesi allows 3D printing on work surfaces of approximately 4,000 x 10,000 mm, with a maximum height of 2,000 mm.

Employing advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, Breton Genesi ensures high-level mechanical and aesthetic properties by optimizing every phase of the production process.

Thanks to this technological equipment, Breton Genesi enables the production of large components with exceptional precision, minimizing costs and environmental impact.

We are truly excited to collaborate with such an innovative company as Breton; we visited their research center, which, with over 300 patents filed, is truly an example for young companies like ours.

Fabio Bignolini | Chief Operating Officer - Northern Light Composites

Northern Light Composites

Northern Light Composites is an innovative startup in the field of sustainable composite materials for pleasure boating.

Specializing in rComposite technology, NLComp develops recyclable boats that significantly reduce environmental impact.

Recently, NLComp has launched pioneering projects such as the EcoOptimist and the EcoRacer25, both boats made with recyclable materials that have received international recognition.

The collaboration with Breton represents another step forward towards sustainable production and innovation in the nautical sector.

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