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18 March 2024

A coffee with...Varun Somani (Pacific, India)

"Roy robots and Kreos, with futuristic and stunning patterns, offer a significant branding development opportunity for Pacific."

Our Stefano Titotto meets Varun Somani (CEO of Pacific). It was a pleasant conversation about the company's new and ambitious project to produce cutting-edge mineral surface slabs, along with the strategic partnership established with Breton.

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A solid experience in the stone industry

“It all started in December 2000, from a modest facility to produce small granite slabs. Over twenty years later, we successfully launched a super-jumbo slab production plant with BretonStone® technology. The history of the Pacific group is filled with passion and determination.

At the age of 18, I took part in the start-up of our first granite plant, PACIFIC STONES. There is no substitute for the hands-on experience gained in the field: this experience taught me the importance of hard work and planning. The relationships established with end consumers through our retail business PACIFIC GRANIMARMO (2005) marked another pivotal moment in our growth journey. A third key moment came with the introduction of granite processing with a gang saw at PACIFIC GRANITES INDIA, allowing us to tap into the export market. The launch of PACIFIC QUARTZ SURFACES in 2018 marked our official entry into the mineral surface slab sector. Finally, in 2020, the grit production plant PACIFIC MINTEK deepened our understanding of the importance of raw materials and their impact on the quality of the final product.

The COVID pandemic provided me with ample time to organize my thoughts and appreciate the importance of having cutting-edge technologies in the mineral surface slab sector. My father always aimed to invest in advanced production technologies that are entirely Made in Italy. PACIFIC ENGINEERED SURFACES (2023), our most ambitious BretonStone® industrial project, was born from his ambition and vision. Mr. Stefano Titotto played a crucial role in turning this dream into reality.”

Investing in state-of-the-art technologies: Roy and Kreos

"Our BretonStone® plant was completed on a very special day. October 29, 2022 - my wife's birthday!

This day is now even more memorable as I reflect on the two years of intense work, countless phone calls, and virtual meetings to launch a true technological masterpiece. During this period, the Breton professionals did an excellent job in designing a custom plant to meet our needs. After experiencing the unparalleled quality of the finished product achievable with the BretonStone® system, we realized the significant quality difference compared to those obtained with Chinese technology.

The Roy automatic veining centers, with their futuristic and stunning design, offer a significant branding development opportunity for Pacific. The Roy robots open countless aesthetic and experimental possibilities to create something new and original.

In three months, we have already created over 38 veined designs! Furthermore, after seeing various innovative color schemes at the Breton Institute of Technology (B.I.T), I am confident that the Kreos® system will be the next big innovation for the Pacific brand and the entire industry in the coming years. We have decided to invest in the Kreos® distribution system for two reasons: the producible designs are premium and ideal for high-end indoor applications; the technology significantly improves process efficiency.

In a competitive environment, it is crucial to offer high-quality products in terms of technical features and design. Now, we believe we can rely on them to achieve fantastic results!"

Market strategy and brand differentiation

"For me and my team, differentiation is a crucial aspect! We aim to innovate exclusive designs that cannot be replicated by Chinese production systems.

We are determined to achieve this goal, and the results are already evident thanks to the guidance of Varun Mundra (COO) and our team of specialists in creative direction and product development.

We are curating a stunning color palette that can offer endless possibilities, from timeless classics to the latest trends, ensuring a perfect match for every design project. Furthermore, we are working with great results to ensure faster delivery times and superior customer satisfaction.

We want Pacific-branded slabs and designs to be globally recognized for their elegance and incredible quality. We are already receiving excellent feedback from our customers, especially for the Kreos® ones."

The secret formula to success

"The secret to our success is the passion for excellence and the strong commitment we put into our daily work, combined with established company values.

Embracing sustainable practices, we harness wind and solar energy, actively implementing water conservation measures to reduce our environmental impact.

We believe in responsible production, and our use of innovative materials and technologies demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

I am very grateful to all the professionals at PACIFIC for their efforts and ambition, and I am confident that these values will shape the future fortunes of the company!"

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