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Breton's Role

Breton reaffirms its leading role in technological innovation with the reconfirmation of Federico Milan, Digital Innovation Manager of Breton, as a board advisor of Digital Industries World.

This appointment highlights Breton's ongoing commitment to driving digital transformation and developing cutting-edge solutions for the industry.

Federico Milan's presence on the board strengthens Breton's position as a reliable and innovative partner in the international landscape of digital technologies.

Smart Factory

Why Digital Industries World

Digital Industries World offers a unique platform that facilitates the exchange of information, ideas, best practices, and the generation of innovative solutions through a global network of major industrial players.

The goal remains to develop solutions through digital transformation that enable companies to make informed decisions and successfully lead their organizations into the future.

Digital Innovation Manager

Who is Federico Milan

Federico Milan is the Digital Innovation Manager at Breton.

He leads and manages digital innovation at Breton in terms of processes, products, and services, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence (Industry 5.0), the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning.

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