Electrochemical division

Research and development of materials for electrochemical devices

Since 2010 the Breton Institute of Technology has been investing in research, development and industrialisation of new materials suitable for use in electrochemical devices.

Electrochemical division

The materials developed are mainly applied in 'energy conversion' devices, for the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy and chemical energy into electrical energy, in particular electrolysers and hydrogen-fuelled fuel cells.

Additional R&D areas concern the areas of 'energy storage', such as energy storage devices and graphene production.

High level know-how

The BIT electrochemical division handles industrialisation of materials that offer higher performance and lower cost than alternatives on the market.

The competence of the team of chemists specialised in synthesis and materials and devices characterisation spans from organic chemistry to materials science and analytical electrochemistry.

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The value of collaboration

BIT works with academic and industrial partners in order to assess and optimise real applications of the proposed solutions.

Materials are released to companies wishing to test their applications and performance. In case of interest, get in touch with Breton.

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