30 December 2022

Is the demand for Ceramic Tiles growing faster than for Quartz Slabs?

There are rumors that quartz slab producers are considering investing in ceramic manufacturing technologies for the future.

Is it true that demand for ceramic tiles is growing faster than for quartz slabs?

Let us deepen this topic with some interesting data updated at September 2022.

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Is the demand for Ceramic Tiles growing faster than for Quartz Slabs?

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Average volumes and prices

Ceramic tiles imported in the USA in square meters increased by about 13.6%.

In the same period, quartz slabs increased in percentage by about 22% more than ceramic tiles!

The ceramic tiles import average price per square meter increased by about 11%, reaching an average of 11.77 dollars in September 2022.

Instead, the quartz slabs import average price per square meter decreased by about 8.5%, reaching an average of 85 dollars in September 2022.

Why USA average quartz import prices decreased?

The reasons behind the decrease in quartz import prices are the following:

  • First, the Indian average export price to the USA remains one of the most competitive, with impressive increases in volume between 2021 and 2022 of about 65%;
  • Also, the Spanish Company Cosentino, because of a corporate reorganization between 2021 and 2022, formally decreased its average export price by about 29%, keeping its selling prices stable with increasing volumes year on year;
  • Another relevant aspect for the coming future will be the USA decision on quartz import tariffs from India. If the USA confirms the rumors, we could see increasing average prices because of growing export volumes by other countries.

    A question to entrepreneurs

    In 2022, ceramic volumes in square meters are approximately six times higher than quartz slabs, providing just 80% of quartz revenues.

    We close with a question:

    Why should it be convenient for a company to invest in a ceramic production plant if ceramic export volumes in the USA are almost six times the volumes of quartz products creating a total revenue of only 80% of the quartz total revenue?

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