Breton Kappa M

Moving bridge slab polishing machine

Slab polishing machine for calcareous materials
The honing-polishing units are in aluminium alloy to limit weight and maximise stiffness.

Breton Kappa M

Reasons why

The ideal solution for processing precious materials

“Low centre of mass” configuration for enhanced process sensitivity

The structure is designed to bring the spindle beam as close as possible to the work table to increase the effectiveness of spindle action on the slab surface by removing sources of anomalous vibration and possible tool to workpiece misalignments.

The honing-polishing units feature an anodised aluminium alloy structure designed to limit weight of the system while maximising its stiffness.

A double cylinder and independent pressure control for each head form the best solution for large production volumes and high quality standards.

Breton Kappa M is available in 3 versions to meet any production requirements.



Compatible plate on Kappa M

1 - 1

HD-9 plate

1 - 1

Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Kappa M

Version comparative table
KAPPA M / 06 KAPPA M / 10 KAPPA M / 14