BioQuartz: the crystalline silica-free industrial quartz

Discover more about Breton BioQuartz®, a cutting-edge raw material developed by Breton.

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Silicosis: a serious issue

Silicosis can be described as a long-term lung disease caused by inhaling unsafe levels of silica dust, usually over a period of many years.

Silicosis can lead to breathing problems, a serious lung condition called Progressive Massive Fibrosis (PMF), or lung cancer.

To ensure worker safety and longevity for the Engineered Stone business, Breton has developed ready-to-use solution know as Bioquartz®.

The final solution

Over the past decade, Breton and its Institute of Technology (BIT) have prioritized operator safety and waste reduction as strategic goals.

This commitment has led to the development of Bioquartz®: an industrial material 100% crystalline-silica-free, totally safe for operators and with the same technical features as quartz.

Bioquartz® is produced through a pyrolitic transformation of common siliceous and feldspar natural sands, or residues of slab manufacturing process.


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