Breton Paragon Flex

Multiwire machine to saw blocks into thin gauge slabs

Multi diamond wire machine to cut 12, 20 or 30 mm thick slabs.
The structural robustness combined with the characteristic triangle system makes it possible to saw marble and granite blocks to make slabs of various thicknesses, even thin ones.

Breton Paragon Flex

Reasons why

Maximum precision on low thicknesses

Practical and quick thickness changeovers

Paragon Flex was designed to minimise vibration during the cutting phase and guarantee the maximum precision in positioning the wires in order to minimise the wastage of material.

The system with 7 rotary units is composed of tension wheels, 4 guide wheels (2 low and 2 high), the drive wheel and the idle wheels set.

The high performance of the machine has tangible results in terms of production, wire lifetime, and maintenance of cutting positions. Also, with the “adjustable guide wheels”, also with small blocks, you can always use the machine in the best conditions in terms of the tangential direction of sawing.



Technological highlights