Breton Hawx E1

High-dynamic 5 axis vertical gantry monobloc machining centre

The right combination of robustness and stability makes the machine ideal for milling and trimming operations at high speed on parts with complex 3D shapes made of lightweight alloy, resin, or composite materials.

Breton Hawx E1

Reasons why

The robustness and repeatability that was lacking

Speed is meaningless without control

Built to exceed the usual limitations of its category: reduced robustness and poor repeatability in time.

Thanks to the optimised design, Breton Hawx is stiffer and more stable while also guaranteeing an excellent size to work area ratio. The machine can be easily inserted in all types of workshops as it arrives already assembled and tested; it does not require special foundations and start-up times are reduced to the minimum.

The arc welded monolithic load-bearing structure is the core of the machine, imparting robustness and allowing easy handling.
The unique nature of the box-in-box architecture guarantees a marked increase in stiffness of the bridge-carriage-RAM unit and combines with the high strength of the new Hornet head to greatly increase the rate of removal and accuracy, all with the maximum dynamics.

The innovative offset geometry of the head also makes it possible to increase machinable volumes while minimising the machine's outside dimensions, simultaneously improving access to the workpiece.


Light alloys / Aluminium

Heads available on Hawx

1 - 1

Spindles that can be installed on Hornet

1 - 3

Technological highlights

Other versions of Breton Hawx E1

Version comparative table
Hawx E1 K40 Hawx E1 K60